Frequent Asked Questions.

What measures does the company take on the fight against Corona Virus pandemic?

“The company so far encourages the use of protective masks inside all BRT stations and buses, but also all passengers are required to wash their hands with running water and soap (available at all stations) when entering/leaving the stations.”

Why can’t I currently use my BRT cards?

“We are fully aware of the problem with this service and the company is now working on the production of new and better BRT cards to basically improve the service.”

How many buses does my ticket allow me to board?

“The BRT System allows passenger to take more than one bus in accordance to his/her destination, However UDART strictly reminds all passenger to consider the validity time for their tickets.”

What makes my BRT ticket invalid after buying it?

“There are two reasons which makes yours tickets invalid. First of all is that, All BRT tickets are valid for 1 hour and 30 minutes only, the ticket expires automatically after that time completes. Secondly, your ticket will be considered invalid after the passenger goes out of the BRT station. Hence the passenger will be required to purchase another valid ticket.”

How much is the BRT transportation fare?

“The BRT transportation fare from one station to another is constantly 650 Tsh only for all Trunk Buses and only 400 Tsh for Feeder buses which at present there is only one Feeder route (Kimara to Mbezi Luis).”